Andy Goldsworthy Artist Discussion Group

Artist, Andy Goldsworthy, makes the world a more magical place to live. He merely points out the magic that is already there. 

Throughout the 20th century, artists struggled with the dilemma of Modernism: how to convey an experience of the real world while acknowledging the immediate physical reality of the materials—the two-dimensional canvas, the viscous paint—being used in the representation. Goldsworthy has made his mark in the "Land Art" movement.

By using the landscape as his material, he can illustrate aspects of the natural world with a meditative practice that resembles that of a monk.

Although he usually works in rural settings, his definition of the natural world is expansive. "Nature for me isn't the bit that stops in the national parks," he says. "It's in a city, in a gallery, in a building. It's everywhere we are."
Join me to discuss Andy Goldsworthy and what his art means to you.

Cost: Free